Some words from Julie W. (on her upcoming arrival)

We’re really excited about our upcoming workshops with Julie Weisenberger and Takako Ueki. We asked Julie for a few words on the classes she teaches.

“My favorite class to teach is European Tips and Techniques. Everyone learns little tricks they didn’t know before and I love hearing the Ahhs and Ohhs as the class proceeds! Knitting should be fun and relaxing, and the results should be clean and professional­looking. What surprises many people is that often the best results are also the easiest! Much of what I share came from working with European knitters from the ready­-to-­wear industry where some things are done differently than in the hand-­knitting world. Other techniques I have picked up or invented over the years.

“What Not to Knit is always a blast! We get people trying on tons of sweaters, so be sure to wear something basic as a base layer because we’ll get you stripped down and trying on! You might be surprised by sweater shapes you would not have thought to try!

“Seamless Construction is a three-­part class. We cover a lot of ground, so whether you use all three concepts in your knitting, or even one or two of these ideas, it will expand your knitting.

“Can’t wait to get to Portland—Knit Purl customers are always fantastic!”

And here’s what a few of Julie’s former students had to say…




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July 23, 2014 by Cait Lamborne
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