PinterestContest_pinterestgraphic_Thankyou-01We were thrilled with the response to our #knitspiration Pinterest contest. We had local entries, national entries, and entries from all over the world! Seeing all of the pins, and even the boards, was particularly moving for us, so naturally it was hard to choose our favorite.

We decided on this shell photo that was pinned by Linnea Pearson. To quote her, “Neutral graded color, perfect symmetry, beautiful texture and depth. I strive to create something this perfect one day.”

We couldn’t agree more. The natural movement and elegance of the shells, and the rich color that is deeper than white, spoke to us as much as a skein of yarn of the shelf would. Naturally beauty is a great source of inspiration for us at Knit Purl, and we try to recreate it whenever possible.

We asked Linnea to share a little more on her inspiration as a maker, and in her life in general. This is what she had to say:

I’m a marine biologist by day, and a crocheter by night. It’s my creative outlet. I can sit, relax, and crochet, but not feel guilty because I am still being productive. I think I’m drawn to fiber art in general because it still requires thought and precision, but allows for such a personal touch. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself in something tangible. Recently, I started sharing my work through my Etsy store, Sea and Sky Creations. It’s a collaboration between myself and my good friend, Veronica. Together, we hope to offer unique, beautiful, handmade items. It’s scary and exciting to put your work out there, since it’s really an extension of yourself.

I take a lot of my inspiration from the natural world. Color, texture (I’m a huge fan of texture!), intricate design—look no further than out the back door! Living in Alaska definitely helps that last part. Nothing is more profound or beautiful than nature and the complex evolution that led to that particular instant.

When I was thinking about inspiration after reading about Knit Purl’s #knitspiration contest, the image of the shells struck me in particular. It embodied everything that I love about nature—complex designs, colors, texture—that looks so effortless. I hope to express even a tiny part of this in my work.

In my projects, I tend to bounce between large, lace projects and quick easy instant gratification headbands and hats. It’s good to keep a balance.

We want to thank all of our #knitspiration participants, and we invite you to continue sharing your inspiration on Pinterest, and with us in person. Please check out all of the pins, and the boards that you created!

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August 29, 2014 by Cait Lamborne
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