Knitting Spaces: Cait’s Studio

This month, we’ll be sharing our spaces with you, letting you into our world, to see our tools, accessories, and little studios.


My little office space is in the living room. My desk, bookshelf, side chair, and tote bags full of yarn are nestled behind the couch.


My vintage side chair and bonsai (it’s alive, just not in bloom!) are behind my desk, and close to the record player, which makes for cozy weekend knitting.

Craft and knitting magazines, and some favorite books, occupy my shelf. It also holds some art, as well as a lot of books about the sea—one of the loves I inherited from my dad.


The chair, and my desk, face out a large, northern-oriented window. It overlooks a busy street, but there are big trees behind that, and a pleasant breeze in the evening.


My favorite tools are my sketchbook and graph paper. I love designing colorwork, even if I don’t knit it! My pencils and colored pencils—as well as some DPNs—are stored inside some old cocoa jars.


Other supplies, like scissors, tapestry needles, stitch markers, T-pins, and stitch counter, are in an old cigar box. The stitch maker is called “Kacha-Kacha,” which is Japanese for “click-click.” I love the onomatopoetic nature of Japanese, as well as the bright red color. The coilless bulb pins make really smooth stitch markers.

I have a set of Lantern Moon circular needles, as well as matching cable needles and a repair hook. They have definitely been worth the splurge, although they don’t go below a US 4. For smaller needles, I prefer the Addi Lace tips. The fine points make for quick knitting, especially when I’m working on lace fair isle.

My little work space can get a little messy (I need a dresser for all of my yarn and art supplies, instead of tote bags and boxes), but it is relaxing and organized, and well-suited to creative work.

Keep checking our blog this month for more shared spaces!

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September 05, 2014 by Cait Lamborne
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