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While good tools are not the key to becoming a masterful knitter, you can certainly improve and ease a project along with the right accessories. We gathered a few of our staff members’ recommendations up for you to explore. After all, what would a workspace be without tools?


This is my new favorite space to knit. Like Cait (see her blog here), I adore my Lantern Moon interchangeable needles. I’m excited that we’ve started carrying Fix-A-Stitches again – they make fixing garter and seed stitch so much easier!



My favorite knitting tools are my handmade stitch markers and my new Stella light. I make the markers from old sock yarn remnants, to fit a variety of needle sizes. They’re colorful, soft, and don’t get in the way of my stitches!



Like Marcia, I too love my Stella light! I knit under it daily – I love the fact that it doesn’t put off any heat. I’m actually saving for another one to go in the sewing room. Another favorite tool is a pair of Addi Turbo Rocket needles, while my favorite double-pointed needles are still the Lantern Moon hardwoods.



I love the Knitter’s Keep from Julie Wiesenberger (CocoKnits). It’s beautifully designed.



I have to admit that I love knitting tools, so I have accumulated quite a few. I have a pretty large lampwork stitch marker collection. There’s something about beautiful, beaded stitch markers that I love. Another thing I always have on me? A tapestry needle for weaving ends. You can never have enough tapestry needles!



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September 12, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen
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