Knitting Spaces: Hannah’s Studio

I have had many knitting spaces over the past few years, having moved frequently across country here and there. When you move as much as I have, you really learn what you require for a home office or studio space. Since I work out of my home 90% of the time, my space can’t just function as a craft studio, but it also has to fulfill all my needs for office space. Good lighting (natural when possible), clean flat surfaces, plenty of storage, and a small seating area for when I have a friend over to knit or discuss a project are all necessities.

My current studio has everything I could ever ask for in a space. The room, a converted screened in porch off of my bedroom, has bright light thanks to the wide bank of windows. I can work most of the time in natural lighting, which makes it wonderful for photography and brightens it up even when the winter grey skies hit.


Yarn that I have a current plan for sits within easy reach, stuffed cozily into cubbies and flanked by pattern books and tools. (The awesome print is from Fringe Supply Co.)


Project bags line up merrily on a peg hook along one wall, within easy reach when the moment strikes.


Flanked by two vintage velvet tub chairs, my dad’s old media center makes excellent storage for knitting books and the small shoebox-bins I keep scrap yarns and tools in. The checkerboard boxes house samples, swatches and color cards from various companies.


Some of my favorite tools are spirited away throughout the office, but I gathered them up for you: A Knitter’s Journal, my iPod Touch (wonderful for playing music or snapping shots for Instagram), a smattering of quirky, lampwork and handmade stitch markers, tapestry needles (I can never have enough) and a pair of sharp scissors. The needles are bone, from Fringe Supply Co. They are my absolute favorite for casting on hats!

I love this room and will be sad when eventually I’ll need to relocate from it, given that it’s in my parent’s house. But for now, it’s my small knitting oasis in the middle of every busy day.



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September 19, 2014 by Hannah Thiessen
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