What Can You Make with Dyed in the Wool?

Here at Knit Purl, we’ve been enchanted with Spincycle’s Dyed in the Wool yarn for a while now.

On the sales floor, I’ve been working away on a Quaker Yarn Stretcher (inspired by this project). The sport-weight Bluefaced Leicester makes a supple fabric on US 8 needles, the pattern has enough variety to keep me engaged without taxing my attention, and the color transitions of the yarn keep me knitting simply to find out what soft stripe will appear next. With our stock recently replenished and some new colors to admire (Payback, Devilish Grin, and The Saddest Place), now seems like the perfect time to share more pattern ideas for this dazzling yarn!


Back in June, we were lucky to host Kate and Rachel—the creative masterminds behind Dyed in the Wool. They brought a trove of inspiring samples featuring the color-flecked stripes of their yarn. I especially enjoyed seeing the full garments, including Nijo and the charming Jonesy. Still, I think my favorite approach to using Dyed in the Wool is to combine it with a more solid yarn—whether in simple stripes or intricate colorwork. Both ladies had versions of Mon Petit Gilet Rayé, Kate shortening both the sleeves and body to make hers extra cute over a dress. Used this way, the sophisticated hues of Dyed in the Wool almost seemed to shimmer.


The trunk show included several accessories using this same principle, including a Pine Bough Cowl nearly as lovely as Cait’s. Kate and Rachel highly recommended Beyond the Pines because you can use every bit of a cherished single skein of Dyed in the Wool. Their version of Fixation still has me feeling inspired to make at least one for myself. (If you find this interplay of yarns and colors as captivating as I do, be sure to look out for Dianna Walla’s forthcoming mitt pattern. The Spincycle yarn pairs well with Loft, Staccato, and Swans Island Fingering, to name a few.)


Finally, the self-proclaimed spinsters had some highly inventive projects that took advantage of Dyed in the Wool in very different ways. You may have seen Heidi Bears’ crocheted African flower creatures on Ravelry. In celebration of their yarn’s rainbow of colors, Kate and Rachel had a hippo and unicorn created. They were simply adorable (and larger than I would have guessed). In contrast, Kate used a more homogeneous colorway to create an incredible Celestarium.

Kate and Rachel themselves are simply delightful and we’re so proud to carry their handiwork. Each skein of Dyed in the Wool is one of a kind—pick some out while there’s still plenty to choose from!

October 10, 2014 by Keli Hansen
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