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What makes something a favorite? Through trial, error and repeated use, we eventually discover what is special to us. Once we find something worthwhile, we begin to foster a relationship with the product or brand.

The resurgence of knitting combined with the availability of resources on the Internet has resulted in a plethora of products, patterns, and designers to choose from. When there seems to be something new offered on a daily basis, how can we best sort through the options?

We’ve certainly seen a lot over the past decade. Over the years, we have acquired certain preferences. Obsessions. Must-haves. Favorites. On the occasion of our 10th birthday, we’d like to give a gift to you: a curated list of our most favorite things.

In the first post of this series, we’ll begin with exploring our favorite yarns. It’s what we collect, what we stash. We delight in the colors, textures, and all the possibilities of what could be. For many of us, one of the great pleasures of knitting is all about indulging in beautiful yarn.

Here are some words from our staff members about their favorite yarns:

BEKAH: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, “I love the fabric that it makes—warm and lightweight, with such gorgeous colors and textures.”
ELA: Pebble Abyss, “Pebble is my favorite yarn on the floor. Colors—that’s what attracts me first and the most! Soft and cozy for next to the skin projects.  Airy and ‘sticky’ for easy knitting and gauging. Would love to have a sweater in every color or combination.”
SARAH : Woolfolk Far, “So soft to knit with, can’t wait to make another sweater with it. I love the cowl I made with it.”
SHEILA: Shibui Staccato, “I like Shibui Staccato for its drape and think it’s perfect for summer knits.”
SARAH K: Swans Island DK, “Swans Island DK is both a sturdy and beautiful yarn that is versatile for many projects. (I made the Tulip Petal Boot Cuffs and absolutely love how they turned out.) Plus, the yarn is eco-friendly and machine washable. A staple for your stash for sure.” 
CAIT: Shepherd’s Wool, “I chose Shepherd’s Wool when I wanted a more drapey yarn for my Ondawa sweater. It’s really soft, has excellent stitch definition, and great yardage. It’s also very forgiving if I need to redo my cabling.”
OLEYA: Brooklyn Tweed Loft, “This would be my ‘desert island’ yarn. I love the light, airy quality and the fabric it creates. It’s versatile enough for lightweight sweaters and accessories. It performs fabulously in stranded colorwork, my latest obsession.”
KELI: Sunday Knits Eden, Since I wrote a whole blog post on Eden, I feel obligated to stay faithful. It doesn’t really feel like cheating to call Nirvana my new favorite yarn, though—it has all Eden’s wonderful qualities, with a little added softness. Plus, it comes in a charcoal gray, one of my all-time favorite colors, as well as Moss, a shade that keeps catching my eye.”


Yarn is definitely something to be admired on its own, but it is made magical after being transformed from a single length of string to a continuous piece of fabric, with dimension and texture. Finding the right tools to work with is an important part of the process.

Please join us next week for a post about the tools that we find essential in our knitting lives.

April 01, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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