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Tools are a vital part of any maker’s work. Their function, aesthetic qualities, the stories they tell, and the craft they represent all add to their value.

It can definitely be said that aside from a plentiful yarn stash, tools are among the most indispensable items in a knitter’s arsenal.

With so many options for tools on the market, from homemade contraptions to luxury hand-turned accessories, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s worth investing in. How many of these tools do we actually need? When it comes down to it, it seems helpful to go back to basics. First and foremost, a quality set of knitting needles seems to be of utmost importance.

Here are a few words from our staff members regarding their favorite tools:

BEKAH: “Addi Clicks—I never need to buy different length needles, and can even use them as stitch holders.”
ELA: “Circular needles / Rockets!”
SARAH C: “Probably Lantern Moon cable needles with beveled groves—works so well for cables.”
SHEILA: “Besides my array of knitting needles I could not live without my crochet hooks, not because I crochet but rather because they are essential to fix those pesky mistakes that happen to even the best knitters.”
SARAH K: “My trusty Addi clicks set.”
CAIT: “My Lantern Moon Rosewood Interchangeables.”
OLEYA: “Folding scissors. I’m kind of a klutz, so it’s nice to have something that has the pointy ends folded away. (I actually have poked myself with no injury!) I love that they’re travel-safe, too.”
KELI: “My Ebony Interchangeables from Lantern Moon are one of my most prized possessions, period. I also get pretty excited about the Fix-A-Stitch—it’s exceptionally handy for fixing garter or seed stitch.”
RACHEL: “A row counter!”

Our favorite tools, pictured above:
1. Brittany Cable Needles in Birch
2. Addi Turbo Rocket Needles
3. Lantern Moon Crochet Hook in Rosewood
4. Fix-A-Stitch Tool Set
5. Snip-its Folding Scissors
6. Kacha-Kacha Row Counter
7. Lantern Moon Interchangeable Knitting Needles
8. Addi Click Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set
9. Addi Click Bamboo Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

With proper tools and captivating yarn at the ready, finding a pattern that brings the two together harmoniously is the next step of the knitting process.

Please join us next week for a look at what patterns and designers have a permanent spot in our knitting queues.


April 08, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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