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This week, we are musing over our favorite patterns and designers. A variety of details make a pattern attractive. Most knitters are drawn to elements like clear photography, styling, presentation, and brand familiarity. Looking closer at the pattern details, some are drawn to how interesting the pattern looks and the relative knitting requirements—patterns can range from monotonous and repetitive (great knitting for binge-watching), to detailed and complex (no wine tonight!). Clearly, there is a lot to take into consideration when choosing a new knitting pattern.

Our favorite patterns reflect our diverse backgrounds and interests—we have chosen a mix of traditional patterns, patterns from long-time designers, and patterns we have designed ourselves. Let’s take a look at the designers and patterns we find inspiring.

Favorite Designers-02_new-02


Bekah “Backbay by Jared Flood. Simultaneously classic and modern, simple and interesting. Favorite designer: Boadicea Binnerts. From the Netherlands, she designs clean yet intricate modern pieces, often inspired by fashion on the runways of Europe.”

Ela “Hats—my own designs!”

Sarah C “Cowichan sweaters. My sister gave me some really old patterns I have used for several sweaters, and I adapted the one below and changed the design from an adult sweater. The tops of the buttons are bits of caribou antler from Alaska!”

Sheila Hannah Fettig

Sarah K “Stephen West! I love how he is always daring to try something different and experiment with textures and colors.”

Cait Julie Hoover

Oleya “I am a huge fan of Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed due to the attention to detail, photography, and styling.”

Keli “I have to credit Kaffe Fassett for inspiring me to learn to knit many years ago. Someday I will knit one of his designs.”

With pattern inspiration and some new designers to try, go forth and make pattern decisions with confidence!

April 15, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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