Our Favorite Finished Objects

Many of us have created several projects over the course of our knitting careers. No matter how many projects we make, each finished object should be considered an achievement. Lots of thought, time, and energy go into the act of creating cloth from a simple length of string. Hundreds of tiny stitches represent hours, days, and perhaps even years of work.

And yet there are still certain pieces that hold a deeper place in our hearts. Maybe they’re the projects we labored over intensely for several months, or the pieces that complete our wardrobes in a satisfying way. Perhaps they’re the projects that are a spectacular match of a pattern and yarn, or the stunning projects we admire from afar, created by others.

Here are our favorite projects that we’ve either made ourselves or lovingly admired:


From the process of choosing beautiful yarn to completing a favorite finished item, we hope you have enjoyed learning about our staff favorites. Here’s to ten more years of knitting beautiful things!

April 29, 2015 by Oleya Pearsall
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Stacy said:

I love all these beautiful knitted projects and I would love to know how to purchase a booklet of all these’s beautiful patterns! Just gorgeous !!

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