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The first time I knit with Madelinetosh yarn, it was to rescue me from a possible custom order knitting disaster. I received a request for a neon pink cowl for a bike messenger in NYC and I couldn’t find the right pink anywhere. After a minor panic attack, Madelinetosh and their magical hand-dyed yarn entered the equation and saved the day. The bike messenger was beyond pleased by their super neon pink cowl, and I could breathe easy. After that introduction, I was hooked on Madelinetosh yarn. Their yarn is always soft, and the colors are hand-dyed pieces of a rainbow. Whenever I’m looking for a specific color to knit with, I go straight to Madelinetosh yarn, and I have yet to not find what I need.

If asked which yarn from the Madelinetosh line is my favorite, I wouldn’t be able to answer (as of yet), but I think that might change soon. I was walking around the store this week, and I noticed a beautiful raspberry red yarn that I had never noticed before. I reached for it, and the moment my hand touched it, I knew we were meant to meet. The yarn was Madelinetosh Pashmina in Heartbeat, and it was everything I ever wanted in yarn… soft, soft, soft, and colorful. I’m currently trying to figure out all the patterns I can knit with the lush mix of merino, silk, and cashmere that is Pashmina.

While I brainstorm on all my future projects with Pashmina, here are a few pattern ideas for a some of the Madelinetosh yarn we carry:

Vasa © Paper Tiger

Vasa - This summer, striped top would look great as a solid in Tosh Sock Vintage Sari.

Begonia Swirl - Free pattern. A beautiful lace shawl that is just right for Prairie or Pure Silk Lace.



Relax © amirisu

Relax - A flowy, oversized T-shirt that I plan on knitting in Pashmina in the not so distant future.

Tambourine - A feminine cardigan with a little vintage flair that is waiting to be knit in Tosh DK.



Free Spirit © NCL Knits


Herbarium and Free Spirit - Herbarium is a lace top that is airy and delicate, and Free Spirit is a shawl that I’m currently swooning over and need to get on my needles. Both of these projects are waiting to say hello to Tosh Merino Light.


P.S. We carry Pashmina Sport, Prairie, Pure Silk Lace, Tosh Chunky, Tosh DK, Tosh Merino Lt, Tosh Sock, Tosh Vintage, and Unicorn Tails.


June 10, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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