Wool People Volume 10

Brooklyn Tweed released Wool People Volume 10 last month and it’s by far my favorite collection to date, from the series. There are plenty of beautiful cable sweaters for both fall and winter, and there are also a few shawls and wraps for the warmer months that I’m readying my needles for. My favorite part of the Wool People series is getting introduced to talented designers that I possibly wouldn’t have found on my own, like Nadia Crétin-Léchenne. I’m not sure how I’ve missed Nadia’s designs before now, but my knitting queue expanded significantly with all her shawls, wraps, and sweaters I must make.

Typically this is the point where I share my top picks of a collection, but this is quite possibly the first time I’ve seen a collection that I want to knit all 15 designs. I’m still going to share three projects that I really like, but keep in mind, I have 10 favorites I want to selfishly knit and 5 favorites I want to knit for others.


Loess: Delicate elegance. I love the look of this simple and chic scarf. I’ve never knit a scarf before, but that’s about to change. This scarf would work great as a wrap to throw over bare arms on a cool summer evening or during the fall to fancy up your outfit and keep your neck warm. An easy knitting project that can be picked up and worked on whenever you have a few minutes to spare, but will still keep you intrigued thanks to the openwork and crossed stitches.


Oda: Basic and cozy. There is something about this sweater that instantly warms me up. Oda is a simple raglan with large, lush cables, which makes this a great pattern for a beginner knitter that is starting to branch out and try something new. If you are ever looking for the definition of hygge in sweater form, Oda would be it.


Rigel: Chunky, dreamy, cables. I’ve repeated this multiple times, but here I go again. I love chunky knits. The grandiose cables on the Rigel coat remind me of a powerful waterfall and really adds to the elegant style of this oversized coat. The impeccable tailoring is front and center and shows how well thought out this statement piece was designed. Rigel will look great in a dark color like Lazulite, and will look equally chic in Gypsum.  

June 03, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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