First Knitting Needles

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The first pair of knitting needles I ever owned were a pair of size US 10.5 purple metal needles that my mom gave me. I used them a few times and I only completed one project on them, a cowl made out of baby alpaca yarn for a friend. I still own my Purple Ladies (yes, I named them), but I never completed another project on them. I’m not sure why this is, since they are really nice needles.

My next pair of needles were size US 17 bamboo circular needles. I used my little Bams on more projects than I can remember and my friends have many gifts because of those lovely beauties. Bams has since retired from the chunky knitting game and has been living out the rest of her years in a plush cushioned accessory bag.

I spent about a year purchasing and/or borrowing random size needles whenever I needed to, which is probably how I ended up with five pairs of size US 9 Addi needles. My mom being the loving woman that she is, got fed up with her knitting needles vanishing every time I went to visit her, that she surprised me with my very first knitting needle set a little over a year ago. They are the ChiaoGoo Red Lace Interchangeable needles and I love them. I have the full set that starts with a US 2 and goes all the way through a US 15, which covers the majority of my knitting needs.


Out of all the needles I’ve owned/borrowed, these are my favorite. This wasn’t the case when I first started using them. We actually had a few weeks of drama. I would twist on my needles to the cord, cast-on, knit a few rows, and the next thing I knew one of my needles wasn’t on the cord anymore and all my stitches were on the verge of unraveling. I thought my mom purchased faulty needles.

After almost a month of fighting and cursing my ChiaoGoo needles, I noticed a pocket on the outside of the bag. I unzipped the pocket and found a needle gauge and two bags filled with goodies. In one of the goodie bags there happened to be the keys that were needed to tighten up the cord to the needles. All I could do at that moment was shake my head and laugh at myself.

Since discovering the much needed keys, I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting with these needles. I love the way they feel in my hands and I’m never scared that my stitches are going to slip off my needles. I learned how to magic loop on these needles thanks to the endless amounts of cords that you can connect together. These are the needles that helped me branch out and try different things. I also partially blame them for all the work-in-progress projects I have waiting to be completed. That being said, the main reason why the ChiaoGoo needles are my favorite is because they are my first complete set of knitting needles, and they were gifted to me by my mom.

We would love to know what your first needles were. Which needles are your favorite?

April 25, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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