What I Listen To While I Knit

What do you do while you knit? Do you listen to music, watch television, or maybe you put your favorite podcast on? I do all three of these, but I find listening to podcasts while I knit the most enjoyable of the three.

These are the podcasts that I spend the most time listening to while I knit:

The Moth: A podcast dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. Most have probably heard of The Moth and/or have been to one of their events. I started listening to The Moth about two years ago and haven’t stopped. The stories that are told are truly epic and many of them have made me laugh hysterically and sob uncontrollably. If you want to be thoroughly entertained while knitting, I suggest giving The Moth a listen. You won’t be disappointed. I also highly suggest going to one of their events as well, either as a listener or as a storyteller.

TED Talks: I went to an event in 2010 (possibly 2011) where the speakers were discussing neuroscience. I was chatting with a friend about the event and they sent me a link to a TED Talk asking if I had ever watched it. In fact, I hadn’t and I had no idea what TED Talks were. The TED Talk they sent me was Jill Bolte Taylor speaking about the insight she had when she had a massive stroke. It’s an amazing story and since then I have binged on TED Talks. The subject matter of TED Talks usually varies, but they mostly focus on technology, design, academic, cultural, and scientific topics. You can get the audio only version of TED Talks, but I enjoy putting the videos on and listening to them as I knit.

Gimlet Media: Where do I start?! Gimlet Media is a company that is focused on producing high-quality narrative podcasts. One of their podcasts and actually the first one I started listening to is StartUp, which is about the creation of Gimlet. They now have six podcasts that are all pretty amazing, but the two that I’ve listened to the most are Reply All and Mystery Show. Reply All is described as a show about the internet. The description might not sound very entertaining, but it is! There is an episode called The Rainbow Pug where the owner loses her dog on the internet, and PJ and Alex (the hosts) go looking for it. It’s an episode that will cause you to go through all kinds of emotions. Mystery Show is my other favorite Gimlet podcast and it’s about solving mysteries. I’m anxiously awaiting the next season. A friend of mine wrote to them giving them a mystery to solve and I’m curious to find out if they picked it.

I recently realized that I’ve never listened to a podcast about knitting or fiber so I tried giving it a shot the other day. So far I’ve listened to Woolful, which was recommended to me by Lacey, our Knit Purl marketing guru. She sold me on it by her lovely description. “I personally like Woolful because it gives insights into the makers of the fiber community. Learning more about the makers and how they came to love fiber. Also, it feels personal--as if the guests are chatting with you one-on-one telling their story.” I’m only one episode in so I can’t report back on much other than I plan on listening to another episode. The only other knitting related podcast I’ve had time to try out is The Fat Squirrel Speaks. They are actually YouTube videos that Amy Beth makes, so I guess it’s more like a vlog, but so far I’m enjoying them.

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April 22, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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