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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! The sun is shining, the flowers are out and about, and I’m getting organized. I’ve already purged my closet of all my clothes I wanted to break up with, and now it’s on to my craft room. I’ve never been an extremely organized being, especially when it has come to my knitting and fabric stashes. It’s always in the back of my mind that once I finish up a knitting project that I will set time aside to get everything tidy. Unfortunately, that never happens and I immediately pick up my knitting needles once again, and put getting organized off to another day.

Well, I finally had enough with my procrastinating ways this weekend, and right after I finished knitting the Yoga Shawl, I set everything aside and started to organize my patterns. I collected all my printed patterns, slid them into clear inserts, and added them in a large three ring binder. I separated the patterns into three sections: work in progress, in the queue, and completed.  

I was so excited that I finally found a home for my patterns that I picked up my knitting needles once again and started to work on my Kalaloch leggings. Eight rows later, I had a little issue with my magic loop and couldn’t move forward without having to undo a few rows. I saw this as a sign that I should probably stop knitting and continue organizing until everything is in its place.




My next escapade was to step foot into my craft room. Once I opened the door, I realized that I really should hire a professional organizer to help me. After pushing that thought aside (it was a difficult thought to let go of) I jumped straight into my yarn stash to see what I’ve been hoarding for the past two years. The one thing I’ve learned from watching many Marie Kondo videos is, if you don’t love it and if it doesn’t make you happy, it’s time for you to part ways and say goodbye.

I have six very large containers filled with yarn. By large, I mean if I took out all the yarn from one container I could actually fit inside. Realizing that this will be no small feat, I decided to put this task off to this upcoming weekend. I have already lined up all my bins so that I will be able to easily go through each of them and say farewell to all my yarn that no longer makes my heart skip beats.

I know that this is just the next step in a my spring cleaning adventure, but I’m excited to being one step closer to a tidy craft room that I will love and not feel overwhelmed by when I walk inside.

If you have any organizing tips, please do share.

Happy spring!
April 01, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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Sharon M Davis said:

If I shut my eyes after reading your Spring Cleaning, I felt like you were my sister from another Mother.
My knitting instructor just introduced me to you site and shop and I have read everything at least twice. I have a great collection of blogs and shops that I love to go to and dream and now YOURS that I think tops the list.Thank you for sharing.

Laura Oriana said:

Hi Sharon,

Reading your comment was such a pleasant little gift! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the blog.

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