Keeping it Shiny, Happy, and Bright

Who’s ready for some summertime knits? I might be getting ahead of myself by skipping spring and jumping straight into summer, but I’m ready for around-the-clock sun. The trip I took to Death Valley a few weeks ago is partly to blame for my overwhelming longing for warmer weather. I spent four days in Death Valley camping, admiring the Super Bloom, witnessing breathtaking landscapes while hiking every trail I could find, drinking gallons of much needed water, and spending my evenings gazing up at the stars.

The worst part of my trip was being greeted by rain and a gloomy sky upon my return to Portland. Instead of letting the weather bring me down, I decided to invite the sunshine in wherever I could. I had my friend paint my nails in tropical colors, I started to wear beautiful bright tops, and I started to think about summer knitting projects.

I tend to get inspired by yarn first, and Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton yarn is just what I needed to help remedy me from my rainy day(s) slump.

Wool and the Gang Shiny Happy Cotton Yarn

The name Shiny Happy Cotton rings true — with bold, electric colors, this yarn is sure to put a smile on your face. With a slight luster and endless color choices, this soft Peruvian Pima cotton yarn is ready to jump on a pair of knitting needles. I know my knitting needles are patiently waiting to be introduced to the following projects:



Le Chic Dress

© Wool and The Gang

Le Chic Dress: Stripes. I’ve probably mentioned this in another post, but I’m dying to knit a dress and this dress is on my list. I love stripes, and Le Chic has stripes, blocks, and lots of colors.



The Last Dance Dress

 © Wool and the Gang

The other dress that is on my knitting list is another striped beauty, The Last Dance Dress. A little reminder that when knitting with multiple colors you should always swatch and block with all the colors you are using, just to make sure no bleeding occurs.



Uma Top

  © Wool and the Gang

Uma Top: Halter. I had a top like this that I stained and ruined, and have yet to replace. Now I can replace my beloved halter top with the Uma in Lipstick Red.

Florence Sweater

 © Wool and the Gang

The Florence Sweater: An easy breezy top that can be used to throw over a dress or as a beach top. I might have to make one as a beach cover up for my friend who put in a request for knit swimwear.
March 18, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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