The Field Bag

I’m always struggling to find the perfect grab-and-go project bag, a knitting bag that will carry one project and also have a place for my keys. I’m very serious about needing room for my keys, I lose my keys multiple times within a day.

I have plenty of knitting bags, but I’ve been looking for one that will make the perfect travel companion, for a day of knitting in the park, a summer road trip, or for my Sunday knit group get-togethers. This ideal bag would stand upright and hold its structure, neatly fit one knitting project, have room for my pattern, and have a spot for my phone and my escape artist keys.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one dreaming about this bag, because Fringe Supply Company made my dreams come to life when they made the Field Bag. Not only does this bag meet all my needs, it went above and beyond with the three smooth brass grommet yarn guides.


I’ve never been able to travel with a project that requires working from multiple skeins, because of the utter chaos that happens when anything makes the slightest movement in my knitting bag. What would start off as multiple pristine skeins would soon turn into a braid of yarn and a slew of curse words. The Field Bag has now made traveling with color work an option.

Simple, clean, and chic, with a vegetable-tanned leather carry loop, room for a knitting or crochet project, a drawstring closure for when you aren’t working on your project, pockets, and yarn guides, the Field Bag is like owning a small present that you get to reopen every day.  


March 14, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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Jani said:

This might be the answer to my prayers!!

Mary Dean said:

I love this bag! I throw my project, keys, glasses and a mini wallet and there is still plenty of room. I live in the city and walk everywhere with my bag☺️

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