Julie Hoover's Frontenac

It was January of 2015 and I was just about to leave Knit Purl after interviewing as a sample knitter and something caught my eye. There was a sample on the floor of a dress that made me stop in my tracks and investigate. The dress was the Frontenac by Julie Hoover, a two-toned tunic style dress with a plush collar. It was knit in a super soft baby camel yarn I hadn’t heard of before, Jones & Vandermeer Clever Camel. I couldn’t decide on a color scheme so I decided to purchase the pattern and wait until the right yarn found me.

 Flash forward one year later. I was in the store trying to find yarn for a test knit I was going to do for a designer and I couldn’t find exactly what I needed. What I did see was the beautiful sample of the Frontenac on display again. I went up to it after a year of not seeing it and instantly wanted to find the right yarn for it. I started to walk around seeing what color choices I had as options, and then I saw the section of Jones & Vandermeer Clever Camel. This time there was a new color choice that sealed the deal.

I chose Carbon as the contrast color (back of dress) and Carbon Twist as the main color (front of dress). Carbon Twist is a mesmerizing marled yarn. This is the yarn that solidified my color combination for what will end up being a piece I will forever cherish. I’ve been taking my time on knitting this project because I want to make sure it’s perfectly modified to my measurements. So far I’ve only knit my gauge swatch in Carbon Twist and I’m so pleased with how the swatch turned out. Originally I was a little nervous that my color combination might not work, but after seeing my gauge swatch I knew I made the right choice.

I’m currently finishing up the Yoga Shawl and then I plan on diving into knitting the Frontenac. I’m going to do a few more gauge swatches, but I’m going to do them on my knitting machine instead. I’ve been wanting to start using my knitting machine again for certain projects, and I’m pondering about using it for the Frontenac. Whether I use my knitting needles or my knitting machine, this is the first project in a while that I’m extremely excited to start.

March 11, 2016 by Laura Oriana Konstin
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