The Inspiration Behind Our Design Inspiration

A couple months ago, while browsing Instagram, I saw mention of a book that several of the yarny people I follow were reading. Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, discusses creativity, process, and how inspiration finds us. I thought the idea of inspiration among our creative community of designers, dyers, and makers was really interesting and a subject worth exploring further on our blog.


Every other Monday, our blog features a guest blogger discussing their inspiration and process. I love the diversity that the guest bloggers who have contributed so far demonstrate. Narangkar Glover approaches her work from an academic perspective, while Melanie Berg shares living space with beautiful yarn until inspiration strikes. Shellie Anderson, Shibui’s in-house designer, has yet another process, letting upcoming yarns set the parameters for her creativity. I imagine that no contributor's process will look just like another’s.

Reading about other’s inspiration has also let me examine my own creativity. I can find inspiration in beautiful descriptive writing, super saturated colors, the outline of a branch against the sky, or even a large cup of coffee.

I hope you find this series of guest blogs as intriguing and useful as I do. I would love if you would share some of the places you find inspiration in the comments!


March 07, 2016 by Summer F
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