Multigrain Scarf Kit


Brand Knit Purl

Pebble, Silk Cloud, and Cima, Shibui's dreamy lace-weight yarns, and held double in alternate combinations throughout this plush shawl. Multigrain looks great in monotone, or by mixing colors for a gradient effect.

Ash Combo
4 skeins Pebble Ash
2 skeins Silk Cloud Ash
2 skeins Cima Ash

Brown Combo
4 Pebble Trail
2 Silk Cloud Grounds
2 Cima Caffeine

Clay Combo
4 Pebble Mineral
2 Silk Cloud Tar
2 Cima Clay

Jumpsuit Combo
4 Pebble Sidewalk
2 Silk Cloud Jumpsuit
2 Cima Graphite


Each combo includes a free copy of the Multigrain pattern.